There is something about the rain that makes you fall in love with it. There is hope, happiness, uncertainty, and even tragedy. And rain is one element that runs throughout Luca – a fine film that sets you off on a ride dotted with mystery, awe, romance, and thrill in ample measure.

While the movie revolves around a murder investigation, at its heart are two love stories that run parallel to each other. When Luca (Tovino Thomas), a celebrated scrap artist, meets the nerdy research scholar Nihaarika (Ahaana Krishna), it is not a usual love story. She prefers order to his chaos. Meanwhile, Akbar (Nitin George), the cop investigating the murder, is having trouble in his marriage to Fathima (Vinita Koshy).

The search for the whodunnit through the pages of a journal and how these two relationships blossom make up the movie.
Luca is not your regular entertainer but one that pays ode to art that makes life beautiful. Tovino Thomas has proved his versatility yet again with Luca. He has squarely carried the movie on his shoulders backed by amazing artwork and music.


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