Vikram’s KK looks like the stylish ever character from Chiyaan Vikram. This character with mysterious nature which leaves the question to the audience, whether KK is a mercenary, a mobster, a safe-cracker or a cop turned rouge.

‘Kadaram Kondan’ is official remake of French film ‘Point Blank’ (A bout portant). This movie is directed by Rajesh Selva and produced by Kamal Hassan and R Ravindran under the banner of Raaj Kamal Films International.

Theme of the movie is all about mysterious KK who is being chased by his detractors. A young couple, Vasu (Abi Haasan) who is a junior doctor, and his pregnant wife Athira (Akshara Haasan) gets engaged into this chase by the team chasing KK. Length of the movie is 2 hours and 21 minutes and Rajesh Selva succeeded in making it very crisp by avoiding unnecessary cliche scenes.

‘Kadaram Kondan’ is one time watchable for all those who like thrilling chase movies. Chiyaan Vikram’s energetic performance and screen presence are the highlights of the movie. Action scenes and Ghibran’s BGM are remarkable.


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