*Malayali Pride at Shanghai Film Festival*

Indrans’ new film “Veyilmarangal(Trees Under The Sun)” directed by Dr.Biju had it’s world premiere at 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. And the film became the only Indian movie to compete in the Golden Goblet Award competition this year.

This is the second film of Dr.Biju to be screened at this film festival after “Akashathinte Niram(Colour of Sky)”,in 2012. And incidentally that was the last Indian film screened at the festival which competed in the same category.

Veyilmarangal is among the 3964 entries submitted from 112 countries, out of which 14 are selected to compete for the Golden Goblet. Veyilmarangal is the only entry from India.

Indrans plays the lead role in the movie, which had Munroe Island as of its main locations.

Given that Shanghai International Film Festival is one of the prominent film festivals in the world, it is a moment of pride for every Malayali. And, Indrans’s film being premiered in the festival it is the recognition for good artists along Malayalam industry.

Indrans has been one actor, who has been immensely talented, and who managed to get his due recognition, by bagging the Best Actor Award in the Kerala State Film Awards, 2018. Malayalis are proud that the actor is now climbing realms of fame and recognition now.

The film had great responses from the delegates of the Film Festival. Another gem in the crown for Mollywood Cinemas.


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