Lijo Jose Pellisery’s Ee Ma Yau

‘Death is the most beautiful ceremony in one’s life’
The above line holds the content of the film from the word go

The film is revolving around the death of Vavachan mesthiri( Kainagiri Thankaraj) and how his son(Chemban Vinod) complete the cremation and rituals forms the crux of the story

Lijo Jose Pellisery’s Ee Ma Yau is a textbook for the coming era how a film should be made even with a simple one liner.

Chemban Vinod aced the role of EC and Member Ayyappan played by Vinayakan as usual stole the show with his intense expressions and dialogue delivery.
Each & everyone in the movie was outstanding to the core

Second half of the film will disturb you for sometime even after you leave the theatre and especially the last 15 mins is a revelation

Shyju Khalid deserves a special mention for his excellent DOP & Prashant Pillai’s BGM is top notch

On the flip side,this movie is not everyone’s cup of tea
Non-Multiplex audience may find some issues of darkness in the screen

Ee Ma Yau is a masterclass from Lijo Jose Pellisery & an instant classic.


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