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Duration::146 Minutes

After giving out a remarkable performance as the central character Noohukkannu in Arun Kumar Aravind’s ‘Kaatu’, *Asif Ali is back with yet another impressive act* in debutante Mridul Nair’s campus drama ‘Btech’ that showcases the young actors versatility and mettle in handling action and highly emotional sequences.Set in the backdrop of the campus life in Bengaluru,Btech *tries to touch upon highly sensitive issues like religious intolerance by rooting upon the basic template of a campus film.*

The slightly inconsistent narrative took a lot of time to establish the central characters and the *lengthy first half* that stretched for about 80 minutes was *stuffed with typical and rather cliched college-friendship bonding sequences* that involves funny one-liners,booze and romance.It is the neatly *trimmed second half that holds the central theme of the film* and undoubtedly the more intriguing part that makes the spectacle close to the hearts of the general audience.

Actor turned director Mridul Nair has succeeded in presenting *an altogether okayish movie that manages to cover up the minor flaws in making by its poignant narrative* that makes the viewers root for the characters,thanks to some brilliant performances from the lead actors,with special mentions to Asif Ali who donned the role of gang-leader Anand and Arjun Ashokan,who portrayed the crucial character Azad that’s here to stay in our minds for long.The *climax portion of the movie felt rushed and lacked clarity* which could have been presented better with further detailing.Also,the issue dealt with could have been given more importance rather than the stereotyped fun elements in the former half.

Asif Al

Asif Ali is evolving as a versatile actor with each movie and the protest sequence half way through the second half was spellbinding and made memorable by Asif’s hard-hititing dialog delivery.The hearty character Azad will be a big break for Arjun Ashokan who ensured that he helmed the character invested on him convincingly.Sreenath Bhasi,Deepak Parambol,Saiju Kurup,Aju Varghese etc played their part really well.Niranjana Anoop and Aparan Balamurali played the lady characters well.Alencier Ley,Jaffer Idukki,Anoop Menon etc gave good supporting performances.

Music was handled well by Rahul Raj,and the *solo “Ore Nila Ore Veyil” in particular was lovable* and picturized well by Mridul.Cinematograpahy by Manoj Kumar Khatoi Was impressive.The editing part was below par and movie suffered from abrupt cuts especially in the first one hour of the narrative.

Overall,Btech is *a decent campus drama that manages to provide a satisfactory experience despite its share of minor flaws in the narrative.*


  • director Mridul Nair
  • Asif Ali
  • Music was handled well by Rahul Raj
  • Cinematograpahy by Manoj Kumar Khatoi


A Pretty Decent One-Time Watch



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