Kakshi Amminippilla is a comedy-drama directed by newcomer Dinjith Ayyathan.Set in Thalassery, the story revolves around Shajith Kumar Amminippilla (Ahamed Siddiqui), his wife Kanthi Sivadasan (Fara Shibla) and the lawyer he hires for divorce, Adv. Pradeepan Manjodi (Asif Ali). Amminippilla was an NRI who, on a visit to his hometown, is made to get engaged by his family to a girl he has never met. Ammini fails to reject the alliance and gets married to Kanthi. Kanthi is madly in love with Ammini, while he is evidently irritated with her gestures including the way she eats or her snoring. Kanthi clearly isn’t the girl he wanted to spend his life with. After seven days of constant frustration, he declares that he wants a divorce and eventually hires Adv. Pradeepan as his lawyer. Pradeepan is a struggling lawyer with hardly any successful cases nor a bright political future that he dreams about. Amminippilla’s case becomes a turning point in Pradeepan’s life and career as he tactically makes it sensational.

Asif Ali has done something different with this role, maturing from his usual boy-next-door characters. Ahmed Siddiqui gets a meaty role that he does full justice to. Fara Shibla is a good find and she too delivers an impressive performance. It is refreshing to watch lead actresses display their talents on screen rather than just be eye-candies. Basil Joseph and Nirmal Palazhi make you laugh out loud. Srikant Murali is quite convincing as a judge and Vijayaraghavan does a good job too. Jakes Bejoy’s BGM complements the narrative while Arun Muraleedharan and Samuel Aby have created some soul-stirring songs. The director, although being a newcomer, leaves a strong impression. Overall, this film is a feel-good entertainer with impressive performances.

Kakshi Amminippilla is a feel-good entertainer with some decent comedy and laughable moments. It is quite relatable as well. Watch this film for solid acting, good music, comedy, and a well-written story.


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