There have been many films that depicted the life of filmmakers. But Salim Ahmed’s “And The Oscar Goes To” tells the story of a young man who dreams of filmmaking. But this story is not like something that we have seen before.

The journey experience of a film producer (Issak Ebrahem) for the PR work of his malayalam movie which was choosen for The Oscars is the theme of the film. Salim Ahmed has won as a director in visualizing his emotions and struggle.

Issak produces a film which is directed by himself. He had to go through a lot of struggles and atrocities to finish the film. He came across all the difficulties with a fantabulous film and his films gets the attention it wanted. The journey he makes to submit the film in the Oscar’s is the second half of the film.

As usual the veteran Madhu Ambat done his job magnificently with his magical frames. It’s a clean feel good entertainer for the family audience and especially for those who dreamt of cinema.

Our Rating : 3.5/5


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